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As a professional business there are things that have to be taken care of every month. Our service gives you the opportunity to focus on your daily business instead of waiting in line to do your monthly tax filing.

What we can do for your business:

  •   Bookkeeping
  •   Payrolls
  •   Monthly tax filing

And the most important service is that we do all of this for you, we go to the tax department, the receiver’s offices or the SZV for you, get the stamp the declarations stamped and collect your payment receipts. No more waiting in line, you don’t have to do anything else than sign all the documents, if you let us serve your business.

We also provide bookkeeping and accounting services monthly and yearly we provide you with a Financial Report. After your approval we file your Profit tax declaration.

By having all these services combined we can assure that your tax declarations, your financial administration and your year end financials are all synchronized.